Ana Buigues' Emotional Mobile Studio               





Ana Buigues (Made in Spain. València, 1962) has a taller móvil emocional

(emotional mobile studio) located halfway through her portable computer,

electronic organizer, cameras, and cell phone, from which a series of wreadings,

images, short-films, meditations,,, and blog art projects have sprung. 

Ana also works as


.Guerrera del Interfaz  [a politically committed heroine] and as

.Vincent Fourier  [a politically disenchanted persona].



[]]]          ¿          ?                   |   @|      |  |       a-æ


Ana's works focus on the [in] visible, the unsayable, and the private emotional

spaces that embrace interiority, catalyzed through digital technology,

communication devices, and the accidents of losing data (feelings & memory). 

She speaks about the conversion of words/files through computer protocols and

algorithms as a metaphor for the artificiality of language to put our emotional

chaos into intellectual order commenting upon the Cartesian body-mind split

theory and Turing machines.  Her pieces emphasize psychoemotional drives, the

unfinished/unpolished, fragmentation and betweenness, the provisional as

permanent, and traveling.


From 1990 to 2002, Ana lived in Alberta, Québec, and Ontario.  She is currently

living in València. Her linguistic vocabulary mixes Canadian Anglophony,

Catalan from the Valencian region, baroque Castilian, and French.   



¶ works by Ana Buigues                                                          


@ here & there:   



.Yo estudié Historia del Arte - y otros relatos, abril 2007 – present

.contexto - productos craftivistas, diciembre 2006 - present

._peepshow_,  noviembre 2006

._Ana Buigues´Selected Wrytings. 2002-2005_, julio 2006

._Metroglyph: A vista de pájaro_ , abril 2006 - in collaboration with Bjørn Magnhildøen

._agua_, winter 2006 [unuploaded]

   ._læerdal tunnel_, junio 2005  [upload pending]


.iconografía, agosto 2004 - present


               ._flautista de hamelín_

               ._femme à sa toilette_                

               ._le plein_

               ._le vide_

               ._domestic interior_

               ._domestic exterior_

               ._spanish road_


   ._txt.tures_, septiembre 2004

._Find'Em_, agosto 2004

._nodular_, agosto 2004

._credits_, agosto 2004

._reason & skin_, agosto 2004

.gestalt, junio 2004 - present [upload pending]

._natures  mortes_, 2001 - present


                           ._avec femme_


._spanish influenza_  --



._::talla::_, marzo 2004  + ._::talla::_metamorfosis_, septiembre 2004 - present

.Neologisms by Ana Buigues, november 2003 --   in mIEKAL aND's The Internalational Dictionary of Neologisms.

   ._Tentempié a media noche_, noviembre 2003

   ._feedback_, octubre 2003

._Emotional Portraits After Géricault_, julio 2003  [from _The Psion Poems_]

._Epístola sobre Ana & Carl_, julio 2003

._Self-portrait_, mayo-agosto 2003

._error_, marzo 2003

._Cinco ciberapuntes_ ||  _Traumerreger_,  noviembre 2002-marzo 2003  in The Muse Apprentice Guild, Spring 2003.

._Six [un] sent messages_, 2002  in  The Muse Apprentice Guild, Winter 2003.

   ._Marguerite, mon amour_, 2002  [from _The Psion Poems_] in The Muse Apprentice Guild, October 2002. - Ibid [pdf format]          

   ._no estoy_, 2001    [It requires/Necesita: RealAudio]

  ._arachne_, 1998-2002 [from Wa / p / ersonals]  in your cell phone:


@ e-lists, digests, et cetera:

._clarifications_, @ wryting-l - abril 2003 – present

._proportions_, @ wryting-l - julio 2003 – present

._contacts_, @ wryting-l - agosto 2003 – present

.various @ wryting-l - 2002 --

.various @  <nettime> unstable digest - 2003 --

.various @ - 2003 --

              ._contact_ [Wed, 14 Jul 2004 09:04:48 +0100], & 
              ._contact_ [Tue, 20 Jul 2004 21:52:13 +0100] @ xStream, "Wryting Issue # 6," August 2004
              ._clarification_ [Thu, 17 Jun 2004 12:53:47 +0100] @ xStream, "Wryting Issue # 5," June 2004






¶ working as 'Guerrera del Interfaz', Ana is 

.the author of

._The Accent of their Skin & the Color of their Tongue  |   El Acento de su Piel & el Color de su Lengua_, 2000

[It requires/Necesita: RealAudio, MediaPlayer, and Flash]

Also exhibited / published @:

              -Emotions, Third Place Gallery, Stockholm, August 2003

    , Javamuseum, Cologne, April 2003.

 -I-Highway – Netart from Canada, Javamuseum, Cologne, March 2003.

              -Free Manifesta, Frankfurt, May-August 2002.

              -Macomdo Magazine, Amsterdam, April 2002.



.the CEO of the dot-com firm ProCrastination®, founded in November 2001, a

company that functions within the Problem Stock Exchange. is a brainchild of Igor Stromajer and Davide Grassi and it is

supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.


                   Article about " ceci n'est pas un stock exchange"txt by Ana Buigues



¶ works by 'Vincent Fourier'


._Vincent Fourier’s Metapolitical Meditations_, 200? - Present





                                   ._web.personals_  [uploading pending]

                                ._letter of application for 'academic retail sales person' position_  [unuploaded]

                                   ._notes on language_  [pending for upload]


.various  @ 7-11 

[the 7-11 public archives disappeared in the spring of 2004, so everything has been lost.

However, Vincent Fourier is looking for all his posts to make them available here in the near future]




۵ Works on Ana Buigues

._Ana Buigues_, 2004 by David Daniels

._Ana_, 2007 by Constancia Blasco Galve

۵ Forwarded Poems

.Some poems by Constancia Blasco Galve


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